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Sorin Alexandrescu – granted freedom by justice, still subject to hearings at DNA


sorin-alexandrescu-3Sorin Alexandrescu was freed on Thursday, from Bucharest Police’s arrest, after Bucharest’s Court decided that he can be subject of hearings and investigation without the need to be incarcerated. The instance that made the decision to free Alexandrescu preventively made the decision to stop him from travelling abroad for 30 days.


After being freed, Sorin Alexandrescu went to DNA, as he was summoned in the case where he is accused of blackmailing Ioan Bendei, manager RCS-RDS. Alexandrescu was accompagned to DNA by a lawyer

During the instance hearing that ended with him being freed, Alexandrescu said that he spoke to Bendei exclusively about the contract with SC Bodu. He mentioned the discussion was with “the manager Ioan Bendei and not the physical person” and added he wanted to make public that contract “no matter the situation”

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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