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TVR News’ boss, Claudiu Lucaci, proposed to become Romania’s consul in New York


claudiu-lucaci-gandulClaudiu Lucaci, director of TVR News, said, for, that he received a proposal from Romanian Foreign Affairs Ministry (MAE) to take over as Romania’s consul in New York and that he is waiting for further details regarding the procedures in this matter.


Asked if MAE made such a proposal to him, he said: “Yes, I received a proposal. MAE is to communicate to me next which is the official procedure”. He offered the same answer when he was asked if he will agree to take over the diplomatic position.

MAE’s spokeperson said that “MAE’s proposal to appoint Claudiu Lucaci as Romania’s General Consul in New York was adopted since yesterday, during a Government’s meeting. The decision is to be published in Official Monitor. Mr Claudiu Lucaci held previously the position of Romania’s General Consul in Los Angeles”

Demanded if he will take over the position by detachement from TVR, if he will be confirmed in function, the spokesperson said detachement is the current formula for this kind of appointments

According to Claudiu Saftoiu, SRTV’s president general manager, Claudiu Lucaci will continue to be coordinator with directorial attributions for SRTV’s News Direction and will also run for the full position during a contest to be organized in July-August by TVR and, afterwards, he will be detacjed as Romania’s General Consul in New York.

Saftoiu said that, according to his information, MAE procedure on appointing and training consuls to go to their missions abroad lasts around 3 months.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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