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Blood on the screen. A chronicle of TV violence: Almost 70 crimes in 10 days


CNA"You see only crimes and rapes in news" is a correct affirmation, as a monitoring unveiled the exact data on TV violence: the news are packed with violence, no matter one talks about homicides, rapes, suicides or accidents.


Over 100 violent news were broadcasted by main Romanian news and generalist TVs in just 10 days, a CNA monitoring for main TV station (covering May 15 – 17 and May 27 – 31) shows.

The monitoring was made after viewers complained to CNA that news are full of "crimes, rapes and suicides"

There were monitored 160 editions from 8 TVs: Pro TV, Antena 1, Prima TV, Kanal D, Realitatea TV, Romania TV, B1 TV and Antena 3. During those, there were identified 114 news on violences (67 crimes, 26 serious corporal harming, 8 fights between students, 7 road accidents, 3 suicides and 2 rapes).
Between May 15 – 17, the most promoted news related to violence were 2 incidents that happened in Bucharest high schools, where 2 pupils were stabbed by one of their colleagues, and an incident that took place in Oradea, where a biker was stopped in traffic by 2 policemen and beaten.
In the second period of monitoring, a woman that was killed, cut to pieces and thrown in Arges river kept the TVs wired, same as some burned corpses found in a car in Mehedinti.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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