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Dan Diaconescu: The 1st Vatican. I bought a TV in Italy, one in Spain and I also got a licence in UK


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“I will soon broadcast from an EU country”, Dan Diaconescu said, in a phone intervention at B1 TV, in Robert Turcescu’s show.

Where will the new OTV broadcast from?

”From the international territory, like Free Europe. I bought a TV station in Italy, one in Spain and I also obtained a satellite licence in UK. The signal will leave, technically speaking, from London, no matter where I am broadcasting from, it could be Spain or Italy, but it will be on Eutelsat 16. It is a satellite that broadcasts more Romanian TVs, 26.

DDTV broadcast was suspended by the important cable operators at the demand of the important Romanian people. I am expecting Victor Ponta to call cable operators and ask them not to relay my station.

So I’ve prepared also for this situation, I bought satellite antennas and, if it will be necessary, I will offer them to all Romanians so they can receive OTV.

I’ve made an order for receivers, antennas, for Romanians that want OTV. Romanians will have this way 30 free stations plus OTV. We could broadcast starting tonight."

Where will the studios be?


"If we open a work point, we can make one also in Bucharest. I think I will be a trend setter. I bet that, after me, in around 6 months other TVs will move to other countries. Outside, the licences doesn’t cost anything and the powerful people in those countries will not be able to fine me or to close my TV. In those countries, there are only 4 taxes, compared to Romania, where there are 86".

Will he have a show?

“I will have a show every evening, starting 20.00, Romania’s hour, until early morning.”

The first broadcast will be from Vatican. We have an one room apartment there, like the one in Piata Romana, Diaconescu also added, in his intervention at B1 TV show will be in a one room apartment from

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