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Dan Voiculescu - accessory to blackmail, in Sorin Alexandrescu-RCS&RDS case


INTERVIU DAN VOICULESCU - ZIARUL GANDULThe founder of Intact trust, Dan Voiculescu, was accused of accessory to blackmail in the case in which Sorin Alexandrescu, director Antena Group, is investigated.

DNA “decided to expand the scope of the investigation and the start of the criminal prosecution against Voiculescu Dan, accused of accessory to blackmail”, a DNA press release mentions.

“We have no blackmail. It is a commercial conflict between Antena Group and RCS, a conflict that lasts for 6 years, a conflict that has no link to criminal law, it is a commercial conflict. It is true the money involved is a lot, but it’s still commercial”, Dan Voiculescu said, when he left DNA

What else did Voiculescu said?

The effort to intimidate Antena doesn’t have any foundation, but it’s an intimidation for sure. Antena has a problem and Antena’s problem is that it is independent and deranges a lot, even the competition.

There are, at Antena, some people with an ethical and professional undisputed morale. I trust in them a lot. I love some of them, honestly speaking, like my own children and I want to encourage them to be firm and be in people’s service. In rest, those kind of things come and go

I can guarantee that there’s no blackmail and, in what concerns myself, I clearly stated, I answered all the questions. I have no involvement in this criminal investigation.
This is the 3rd expansion in the scope of the criminal investigation in Sorin Alexandrescu’s case. Alexandrescu is accused that he made pressures to close a retransmission contract worth Euro 7.2M per year between Antena Group and RCS&RDS.

On July 11th, DNA was announcing the first expansion of its investigation’s scope in the case, with the ones accused and started prosecution against being Camelia Voiculescu, president Antena Group, Dan Matiescu, General Manager Intact Publishing S.R.L., the juridical person Antena Group and Intact Publishing.

Exactly two weeks later, on July 25th, Antena was against at DNA, with DNA informing Mihai Gadea, General Manager Antena 3, that his news station will also be criminally prosecuted. In the same time, DNA started criminal prosecution against Serban Pop, former ANAF president.

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