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Forbes: Intact has a higher market share than Pro


televizorIntact TVs (Antena TV Group and Antena 3) had, in June, a market share of 22.57% at urban level (all day), distancing from Pro TV S.A., with a 20.44% market share, writes.

Pro TV kept its position of audience leader, with 14.26 market-share, while Antena 1 had 13.61% market share.

The cumulated market share for Intact Group increased in June by 1.15% (urban, all day), while its main competitor, Pro TV S.A., went down 0.47%.

Antena 1 had a visioning time that maintained at the level during the previous month, while Antena 3 achieved a market share of 6.5%, up 0.84% in urban areas.
When it comes of Pro TV, its market share diminished in June by 0.42% compared to May, while Acasa TV maintained its market share, 3.78% (-0,08% compared to previous month).

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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