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HotNews: What does the start for criminal prosecution mean for Antena Group and Intact Publishing


Sursa foto: Mediafax Foto
Sursa foto: Mediafax Foto


Start of the criminal prosecution against 2 juridical persons isn't an absolute novelty when it comes of media institutions, but this became a practice mainly when it comes of fiscal crimes, judicial sources stated for

DNA announced the start of criminal prosecution against Antena TV Group and SC Intact Publishing SRL, besides starting the same procedures against Cameliei Voiculescu, associate within the 2 companies, and Daniel Matiescu, general manager Intact Publishing. Practically, the 2 companies accused of blackmail in the same way as the 2 physical persons, are in prosecutor's hand and can't do anything without their approval.

According to L278/2006 that regulates juridical persons' responsibility, the companies that are subject to criminal investigation must designate a representative. The next step is to notify Commercial Registry and, from that moment, the company cannot operate any changes in its shareholder structure.

If the juridical person is sued, it risks sanctions ranging from fines between RON 2,500 - 2M, suspending the activity for a while until the company is dissolved, placing under judicial supervision, interdiction to participate to public acquisition procedures for 1 to 3 years, posting or publishing the sentence.

Press institutions are excepted from certain punishments. In this case, only the last 2 sanctions can be applied.
Intact Media Group includes more companies, but DNA's investigations only target 2 of them, Antena TV Group and Intact Publishing. Antena TV Group, a company managed by Sorin Alexandrescu, reunites Antena 1, Antena 2, Euforia and GSP TV, but not also Antena 3, a TV managed by Mihai Gadea.
Intact Publishing is the editor of Jurnalul National.

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