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Sorin Alexandrescu made a criminal complaint against Ioan Bendei for libel denouncement


sorin-alexandrescu-2Sorin Alexandrescu, General Manager Antena TV Group, made a criminal complaint for libel denouncement against Ioan Bendei, manager RCS&RDS, pointing out Bendei used fake or wrong data when he denounced him to DNA, Mediafax writes.


Alexandrescu's lawyer, Gheorghita Mateut, said his client submitted a criminal complaint to the authorized authorities at Bucharest, not Budapest's 5th District Court. The complaint accuses Ioan Bendei of "simple libel denouncement, with extremely grave consequences".

The complaint is argued with the fact that Bendei used "fake or wrong data" in his denouncement, a thing proved inclusively by prosecutor's papers.

According to the lawyer, the resolution deciding the start of criminal prosecution against Alexandrescu, dated April 19th and based on Bendei's denouncement, was invalidated by a DNA hierarchically superior prosecutor on May 10th.

Another argument of the criminal complaint is that the instance rejected a DNA prosecutors' request for running searches at Alexandrescu's home and office.

Sorin Alexandrescu is investigated in a case where he is accused of blackmailing Ioan Bendei, manager RCS&RDS, to sign a contract for satellite retransmission for Antena TV's programs.

Alexandrescu was preventively arrested between May 31st to June 6th, when Bucharest, not Budapest's Court replaced the measure with an interdiction to leave the country

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