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Summer premiers. Antena 1, leader with Splash – Celebrities in water. Little interest for TVR's Summer


pepe-vedete-la-apa_Antena1Audiences. First place debut for Splash - Celebrities in water, the summer show presented by Pepe on Antena 1. The show, that premiered last night, leaded in audiences on all targets (national, urban and commercial).


On the other hand, Summer on the Wave, TVR's summer project that also started yesterday, was almost unnoticed, ranking 8-10 in audiences top.

Pepe ranked 1st

Antena 1 bets, for the summer, on Splash, a format with celebrities hosted by Romanian artist Pepe. The 1st edition ranked 1st in audiences, over the Sky Kingdom, broadcasted by Pro TV and starring Orlando Bloom.

At national level, Pepe and his show were watched by over 1.5M Romanians, which positioned Antena 1 on the 1st place, followed by Pro TV at a distance of almost 300,000 viewers.

In urban areas, over 1.1M people watched Antena's show, with Pro TV coming second at almost same distance as it did on national.

On the commercial segment, Antena had 573.000 viewers (10,3 rtg), while Pro TV had 542.000 (9,7 rtg)

TVR's Summer on the Wave, lost at sea

TVR 1 and TVR2 compete, this summer, in seaside transmissions, during Summer on the Wave project. Launched on Sunday evening, the show didn't impress the viewers: 234.000 on TVR 1 (88.000 from urban areas) and 165.000 on TVR 2 (60.000 in urban areas)
More audience data is available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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