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VIP Agent from Antena 2, fined RON 10,000 for injurious language


agentul vipAntena 2 was fined RON 10,000 for the Agentul VIP edition from May 28th, during which Mara Banica used an injurious language towards Larisa Dragulescu. Moreover, the station also received a warning for product placement and sponsorship in Profu' Menci show broadcasted on May 25th.


When it comes of Agentul VIP, CNA sanctioned the station for the language used and for not respecting the right to one's image and reputation.

In the matter of the warning, Profu' Menci show ended up in CNA's attention because it didn't respect the rules on sponsorship and product placement. The program promoted the naturist product GE132 with the 2 methods just mentioned.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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