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A CNA member’s proposes a partial drop for the must –carry list and wants RON 100,000 minimum fine when it comes of dignity’s disrespect


Sursa foto: Mediafax Foto, Răzvan Chiriţă
Sursa foto: Mediafax Foto, Răzvan Chiriţă


Valentin Jucan, CNA member, proposes to partially drop the “must-carry” concept – the obligation to freely relay some TVs over the cable networks - , so that the cable operators would only relay under this regime national TV’s channels, Mediafax writes.

He also proposed for the new Audiovisual Law to establish a minimum fine of RON 100,000 that CNA can give to TV shows that are disrespecting the legislation on human dignity and child protection.

On Must-Carry:

Valentin Jucan said, during a public debate on Audiovisual Law, in Cluj Napoca, that TVs should have a commercial relationship with cable operators.

“I think we should think, very seriously, if there’s any sense for this must-carry concept to continue to exist. Digitalization is to be implemented and I think must-carry should be limited only to State TV channels, TVR, and its local and territorial studios. As long as I pay for them by law, they need to be automatically and mandatory retransmitted. Either than that, it all should resume to a commercial relation between broadcasters and cable operators”, Jucan said.

Jucan also doesn’t believe that the cable subscription would increase if more channels would exit the must carry list.

“To be a TV program in must-carry, you must declare yourself free for retransmission, so you won’t ask for money. The subscriptions shouldn’t get more expensive. If there would be a tax to relaying a broadcaster, the cable subscription shouldn’t increase”, Jucan said.

Minimum fine for disrespecting legislation on human dignity

”In this moment, the amount of the fines CNA applies starts from 0 – summons, warning letters – and goes up to RON 200,000. Besides the fact that it is insufficient, even at EU level, for subjects on human dignity protection and superior protection of minors, especially in this last case, the new Audiovisual Law should modify the minimum level of fines, from 0 to RON 100,000. This way, CNA shouldn’t be able to give small fines for such wrong doings and, in the instance, the judges cannot reduce the quantum of the fine if it is disputed”, Jucan added.

According to him, TVs will know, when they are preparing a show, that there’s an Audiovisual law that needs to be respected.

“At this time, calculations are being made, from the point of view of the actual law, related to how much costs a certain show if there will be applied fines when it brings subjects that affect human dignity or minors protection. Until now, the given fines were small”, Jucan said.

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