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Cioaba’s death as a media subject increased news TVs’ audiences; Romania TV managed to outrank Antena 3


captura rtvUsing the death of Cioaba – self proclaimed king of rromas – proved to be profitable for news TVs, with Romania TV managing to outrank Antena 3 in audiences when it came on daily averages. Ghita’s TV was also on Fridey close to Voiculescu’s station, and, on Saturday, outranked it at national level


Burial day – averages over averages. Romania TV, close to Antena 3

Friday, when Florin Cioaba was buried, all news TVs dissected the subject and the ratings exploted: compared to August 16th, the audiences are significantly higher – in tens of percentages.

At national level:

Antena 3: 218.000 viewers / day on August 23rd. The increase compared to previous week: 70.000 viewers per minute, namely 47%

România TV: 217.000 viewers per minute, just 1,000 less than Antena 3. Increase compared to a normal week: 58%.

B1: 131.000 viewers per minte, 77% up compared to a normal Friday

Realitatea TV: 84.000 viewers, just 4.000 more compared to previous week .

Adding together the market shares, it results that almost 19% of the Romanians that watched TV on Friday watched a news TV

At urban level:

Antena 3: was the most watched news channel during the day Cioaba was buried. Daily average: almost 150.000 viewers per minute (+42% compared to August 16th).

Romania TV: 118.000viewers per minute on average, on August 23rd. Increase compared to a normal day: 57%

B1 TV: 54% increase on the funerals day, to almost 80.000 viewers per minute.

Realitatea TV: Cioaba’s funeral was almost not felt at this station. August 23rd ‘s average was almost equal to the one in the previous Friday

Cumulated, almost one in 5 people living in urban areas that were watching TV was on a news channel (20%).

Romania TV over Antena 3

Cioaba generated an unexpected result for Romania TV. With debates related to the succession at Cioaba’s crown, Ghita’s station overrun Antena 3 on Sunday, in terms of daily average audience, both in urban and rural areas.

The results were tight also on Saturdat, when Romania TV was over Antena 3 at national level, but behind it in urban areas.

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