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EVZ: articles exclusively for print and pay-wall online section


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Evenimentul zilei (EVZ) changes its strategy. The publication will have materials that can be read exclusively online, as part of a subscriptions campaign.

“With this campaign, we want to explain to the readers that, in today’s circumstances, we need to apply some management measures to insure the survival of the newspaper and of the redaction from a financial point of view”, Simona Ionescu, editor in chief Evenimentul zilei, said, for

One of the measures is to offer certain materials “exclusively in print”, but an online section under pay-wall will be also created. The materials that will appear only in print will be marked “Exclusively print”, while the ones that can be read only on’s website will be marked “Exclusively online”.

“From respect for people that pay RON 2 every day to read EVZ, we already don’t publish anymore all the articles on the website”, Simona Ionescu added How did EVZ reached to the subscriptions campaign?

“The journalists and the colleagues from marketing went, for couple months, and spoke to newspapers sellers in Bucharest and smaller towns. This is how they found out that the number of the newspapers they receive is smaller than the demand and not even sellers can understand why the distributors bring them so few copies. To our regret, the efforts we made after that didn’t have a satisfying result during a long period of time, which made us believe that someone uses blocks so EVZ’s information can only reach a small number of people”, Simona Ionescu added.
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