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Saint Mary’s ratings: More Romanians watched TV than August’s average




Saint Mary day kept Romanians in front of TVs and, even if many Romanians took a mini-holiday, TVs didn’t lack viewers. The average audience of August 15th was higher than the average of the first 2 weeks of the month.

At national level, TV programs were watched by 4.02M Romanians, meaning 21.2% Romanians that watched TV had it open every minute. In comparison, the average audience for the first two weeks of August was slightly lower, 3.6M viewers per minute for the daily average (19.1 rating).

The TV with most viewers at national level was Pro TV (550.000 viewers per minute), followed by Antena 1 (507.000)

A difference was noticeable also in urban areas – 2.25M viewers (21,5 urban rating). The average for the first 2 weeks of the month was 200,000 viewers smaller, of 2.04M (19,5 rtg).

At urban level, the top has Antena 1 as most watched (306.000, 2,9 rating), followed by Pro TV (286.000, 2,7 rtg.)
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