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Bride for my Sultan: Suleyman left behind the show from Antena 1


Suleyman_Magnificul_libertateaAt the first direct confrontation Suleyman (Kanal D) – Bride for my son (Antena 1), the sultan had the victory, with Kanal D’s audience double compared to the one attracted by the show on Antena 1


At national level, Suleyman had 1.8M viewers. On the interval it intersected with Antena 1’s show, Antena was on the 3rd place, behind Pro TV, with a little over 1M viewers.

In urban areas, over 1.1M people were watching Suleyman and only half were on Antena1, that ranked 3rd after Kanal D and Pro TV.

On the commercial segment, both Kanal D (479,000, 8.6 rtg) and Antena 1 (237,000, 4.2 rtg)were over passed by Pro TV (562.000, 10.1 rtg)

Detailed audiences are available here.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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