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Project: Journalists, authorities and freedom of speech. CJI makes a collection of cases


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Romanian Center for Independent Journalism (CJI) is implementing the project “Casuistic of freedom of speech in Romanian juris prudence”.

Through the project, CJI “aims to contribute to making a real balance between the freedom of the press and mass-media’s responsibility, between the capability of press to monitor the democracy without transforming itself, through non-respect for its own rules, in an instrument for intimidation or harassment, and the possibility of the ones that suffered damages to defend in justice”.

Within the project, CJI will coordinate the compiling of a collection of law articles related to freedom of expression and of a collection of case studies on Romanian courts’ juris prudence on this theme, with accent on the decisions related to the relation between journalists and public authorities.

Ioana Avadani, Executive Director CJI:

“Romanian legislation on freedom of expression suffered a lot of changes during the last few years. Those changes produced, as normal, effects at the level of juridical instances, that started to use the new juridical instruments. The sentences in this kind of cases aren’t homogenous, creating confusion and affecting the predictable character of Justice. Moreover, once with the expansion of new media usage, the problem related to the freedom of speech diversified and its area expanded from journalists, employees of traditional media, to people that don’t have the professional and juridical knowledge specific to journalists.
The judges were already called to pronounce on cases related to articles that appeared on blogs or social media networks. And in those cases, the decisions are divergent. We think this kind of collection will be an useful tool for all people interested”
CJI will organize, as part of the project, meetings with journalists and decisional factors – magistrates or regulation authorities – to discuss the way the recent Romanian juris prudence insures the balance between freedom of expression and the human right to dignity. During those meetings, there will be developed a set of recommendations on the proper protection for human dignity while respecting and promoting the freedom of speech, all in the context of technologic developments

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