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Romanian TV starlet doesn’t want to appear in newspapers anymore


Bianca Dragusanu - Pro TVAfter she made the tour of tabloids and tabloid shows for years, Romanian TV starlet Bianca Dragusanu doesn’t want to be present everywhere anymore. The couple Victor Slav and Bianca Dragusanu sent to shows, websites and publication a notification forbidding publishing and distributing images related to their private lives, especially to their soon-to-be wedding. Only Pro TV and Mediafax Group publications managed to “escape” the notification.


“We expressly manifest our disagreement towards any usage, in any manner, on any media channel or TV belonging to your company, of our image or our voices, or of any information or comment of any nature related to our private life, especially referring to our religious marriage and all the events related to it”, the notification says.

The notification comes from a starlet that made herself known exactly for exposing private life details. A few years ago, a photo with Catalin Botezatu and “a blonde” was making waves in the tabloid press. “Bote’s Blonde”, the way she was nicknamed in the start, later became known as Bianca Dragusanu.

The notification towards media – a fashion among celebrities

This type of notification became a “fashion trend” among the celebrities that have difficult times or they already made a deal over the exclusivity of an event in their “private” life. This spring, right in the day of civil marriage between Ilie Nastase and Brigitte Sfat, the 2 sent, via Pro TV, a similar notification.

In August, Radu Valcan, in center of a scandal with his supposed father, also sent a notification towards the press. The same thing was done by Andreea Berecleanu after the press wrote about her and Andrei Zaharescu getting a divorce.

Also this year, Gabriela Cristea, in the middle of a divorce scandal with her husband, sent to Antena 1 a notification through which the channel was forbidden to broadcast images with the her and producers and their guests couldn’t even pronounce her name. Same did Cristea’s ex husband, that notified Kanal D in the same manner.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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