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Adolescents want to be stars and to know Bendeac’s jokes. Romania’s Voice, X-Factor and iComedy are their favorites


televizorAdolescents are heavy consumers of talent-shows, with Voice of Romania and X-Factor being the programs with most viewers aged 13 – 18 y.o. In the top pf programs preffered by young people is also iComedy, Bendeac’s show on Antena 1.


A few conclusions over the preferences of adolescents living in urban and rural areas when it omes of TV:

  • -generally, adolescents living in rural areas are watching more TV than the ones living in cities
  • -Voice of Romania is on the 1st place both in rural and urban areas
  • - X-Factor has good results on adolescent public
  • - iComedy, Bendeac’s show, is among the shows with the most consistent public aged 13-18 y.o.

In rural areas: Voice of Romania and Bendeac keep adolescents in front of the TV

In villages, Voice of Romania (Pro TV) is the program with most adolescent viewers, 95,000 per edition. Second in this segment of public’s preferences is iComedy: 65,000 viewers from the mentioned segment. The top is completed by Pro TV’s Sunday movie.
There are also other shows watched by around 40.000-50.000 adolescents from rural areas every minute: Tuesday movie on Pro TV, Lost Angels series (Acasa TV) and X-Factor (Antena 1).

Eyes in the shadow, Next Star, 4 Weddings and a challenge and Bride for my son are programs that attract around 30-40.000 adolescents living in rural areas.

In towns: Voice of Romania and X-Factor, follwed by Bendeac and Suleyman

With more options to spend their spare time, adolescents living in urban areas spend less time on TV than the young people at the countryside.
Voice of Romania is in the top or urban adolescents’ preference also, with 81.000 viewers from this segment per edition. Urban youth also preffers talent shows, as X-Factor comes next in line, with 71.000 viewers.

Top 10 for urban adolescents is different from the one at countryside, iComedy ranking 3rd among young people’s preffered shows and Suleyman soring 48,000 viewers within the category. Urban adolescents are also watching Lost Angels on Acasa TV

Hourly rating: Adolescents living in rural areas spend more time on TV

No matter the hour, there are more adolescents living at the countryside that watch TV compared to the same segment of public from urban areas.

The maximum consumption hours are in prime-time (20.00-23.00), when in front of the TV are 250,000 adolescents from rural areas and around 180.000 living in cities.
More details related to this audience segment are available here.

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