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CNA keeps its position: Radio Guerilla’s licenses remain suspended


guerrillaCNA maintained its decision to withdraw Radio Guerilla’s 24 audiovisual licenses, rejecting a contestation made by Realitatea Media that was asking for the decision to be reexamined.


Realitatea Media SA and Expresiv SA agreed, on August 14th, to a contract that sees the latest exploiting Radio Guerilla’s media products, including brands and audiovisual licenses, toether with equipments, goods and devices. This agreement is not complying art 59 of the Audiovisual Law.

Realitatea Media is now in insolvency, but it has the reorganization plan already approved by a syndic judge

On October 15th, CNA decided to put up for a contest more radio frequencies, included the 23 owned by Radio Guerilla, during a session to be organized on November 18th and that will see applications received until November 15th.

The reason to put up for grabs Guerilla’s licenses is that CNA’s members considered Realitatea Media actually wants to sell them, which is forbidden by the law

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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