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DDTV – suspended temporarely for retransmitting OTV, started broadcasting again without it


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DDTV, TV station controlled by Dan Diaconescu, can resume its programs schedule already approved by CNA, that doesn’t include retransmitting the online programs from OTV. The decision was made after the station saw its retransmission temporarely suspended for retransmitting OTV.

Laura Georgescu, CNA’s president, explained that DDTV broadcasting wasn’t suspended, but an interdiction stopped Digital Sky from relaying TV’s signal as long as OTV programs are retransmitted by DDTV.

On October 18 and 21, CNA sent an inspection team to DDTV’s headquarters, finding a series of irregularities, including the take-over of OTV’s online programs.

Dan Diaconescu already started his efforts to convince CNA to include in DDTV schedule some of the programs from OTV. He submitted a request to modify DDTV’s programs schedule so it can retransmit some of OTV’s shows. Until CNA discusses Diaconescu’s request, DDTV can broadcast by respecting its already approved programs’ schedule, that sees retransmitted the Inedit TV station.

CNA analyzed the option to sanction DDTV for broadcasting programs not approved by CNA, but decided to postpone a decision for another meeting. In the same time, CNA decided to postpone the decision also to give its members time to verify the file Diaconescu submitted .

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