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Dobrovolschi, again at a radio morning show. Every day, on Gold FM


Dobrovolschi UnicaMihai Dobrovolschi, producer at Radio Guerrilla (a radio that lost its broadcasting licenses), returned on radio waves toether with his morning colleagues, as they are invited, on daily basis, at Gold FM’s morning show, made by Alina Dimitriu.


The program is taken over also by Radio Guerilla’s online broadcasting.

Why this formula?

Mihai Dobrovolschi, for

“Practically, we are Alina Dumitru’s permanent guests at Gold FM. The program is taken over also on Radio Guerilla’s website, but with other jingles and other advertising moments”

Who wins and what?

“In this manner, we remain in contact with the public in cars. It’s risky to loose them (…) Gold FM earns a plus of notoriety and a public it didn’t have and we remain on the waves, as radio personalities”, Dobrovolschi said, for

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