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Guran, on the possible advertising ban on state TV: If it passes Parliament’s vote, we’re leaving from TVR


Moise-Guran-1Moise Guran, Producer Biziday show on TVR 1, criticized Sorin Rosca Stanescu for his initiative aimed to ban advertising on state TV and wrote, on’s blog, that “if this imbecility passes the Parliament, me and my team will leave from TVR” .


He wrote the material on the blog after Rosca Stanescu said that he will draft a legislative proposal to ban state TV from broadcasting advertising.

“I don’t want to leave (from TVR – n.r.)! Becacuse I don’t have where else to go. I can’t find, in this moment, a private TV to let me say on air everything that pases through my mind. One cannot have editorial independence without financial independence. So go to hell, SRS, with all the interests standing behind you and whoever put you in Parliament!”, Moise Guran wrote on’s blog.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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