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Maricel Pacuraru, Mircea Amaritei and Sorin Barbu – targeted by a criminal investigation in Realitatea Media’s case


dnaMaricel Pacuraru, Mirel Mircea Amaritei and Sorin Ionut Barbu are targeted by a criminal investigation, being accused that, during Realitatea Media’s insolvency procedure, ante-dated cession contracts in order to bring prejudices to the company, Mediafax writes, quoting an announcement made by DNA.


In the same case, another 9 people are under the accusation, including Elan Schwartzenberg’s brother and the wife of one of Realitatea Media’s owners.

In the investigation of the case, the prosecutors were supported by policemen from Criminal Investigation Division from Romanian Police and jandarms from Specialized Brigade for Interventions, as DNA mentioned, in a press release.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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