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Petre Barbu’s “First year of advertising” – available for pre-orders on a Romanian crowdfunding platform


Petre Barbu Primul an de publicitateStories from the period of time when nobody knew how to make advertising in Romania, told by those that founded the first agencies, are present in “First Year of Advertising”, a book of interviews made by Petre Barbu, journalist with 19 years of experience in business media&Advertising press.


In order to publish his book, Barbu selected a method still new on the Romanian market, namely crowdfunding, with the editorial project to come true with the help of those who will buy the book in advance.

The money obtained through pre-selling the book will cover printing, distribution and promotion costs. The pre-sales campaign is active on We Are Here crowdfunding platform.

Those who help via this campaign will receive an autographed copy of the book or a collection volume, with authographs from all the people interviewed

About “First Year of Advertising”, Petre Barbu says:

“It is a book of interviews. If you like advertising, than this book will surely interest you. If you hate advertising, than you’ll read it with a great interest. I’m assuring you!”

Barbu spoke with the pioneers of Romanian advertising, from former engineer Bogdan Enoiu (McCann), to Radu Florescu (with experience on Wall-Street previous to advertising) and Mihail Vartosu (former chief of UASCR – the union of communist students in 70s and MAE employee in 90s), trying to get answers to question and curiosities about that stone age of Romanian advertising.

A few quotes from the book:

  • Radu Florescu (Centrade Saatchi&Saatchi): “In 1990, I was conscient that I’m starting an adventure in Romania”
  • Adrian Draghici (Rom-KU): “I was working from morning until late night, to see something done”
  • Bogdan Enoiu (McCann-Erickson): „I’m working with Coca-Cola for 20 years! McCann should make me a statue”
  • Dragos Grigoriu (Tempo Advertising): „I always had a strong point in seizing the opportunities”
  • Gabriel Faflei (Monopoly): „I came back to add color to Romania”
  • Ioana Iordache (Leo Burnett&Target): „I literally jumped for joy when I signed the first contract”
  • Mihail Vartosu (Grey): „I’m like a pair of scissors. One of blades comes from Grey, the other from Procter&Gamble”
  • Stefan Iordache (Leo Burnett&Target): „I lived the crazy childhood of Romanian capitalism”

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