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Realitatea demands explainations from Romanian Parliament, criticizes CNA’s president


logo realitateaRealitatea Media’s representatives went to Romanian Parliament and tried to get Senate’s Culture Commission attention towards the discriminations included in the new Insolvency Code, but also towards the unfair treatment the company gets from CNA.


Realitatea TV already submitted to the Commision a document in which criticizes the activity of CNA’s president, Laura Georgescu, mainly the fact that, following her decisions, during the last meetings “Realitatea TV was summoned and financially sanctioned, with the situation reaching to even withdrawing Radio Guerilla’s licenses”.

According to Realitatea TV’s management, Laura Georgescu “treated in a discriminatory manner and made unfair decisions towards Realitatea TV”. Also, Georgescu is blamed for not applying a decision made by Bucharest Court related to suspending RTV brand.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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