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Realitatea TV accuses Sebastian Ghita’s TV: Romania TV abused the archive it didn’t completely returned


Sebastian-GhitaRealitatea TV and Romania TV are fighting over the archive, with Realitatea accusing Romania TV of using a material from Realitatea Media’s archive that included the statements of a former penitenciary chief from Baia Mare in communist days and presented the content as “exclusive”.


The scandal reached on CNA’s table as a complaint that said that the incriminated material broadcasted by Romania TV as an exclusive in august 2013 belongs to Realitatea TV and was previously broadcasted in 2011.

CNA’s decision:

Following the discussions with Realitatea TV and Romania TV’s representatives, CNA decided to redirect the case to ORDA (Romanian Office for Copyright) to find out who is the owner of the copyright for the material distributed by the 2 channels.

CNA also wants to verify if the material repects the principle of fair information with an address that will be sent to National Administration of Penitenciaries in order to find out if the person that was interviewed actually had the claimed job within Baia Mare penitenciary during the communist period.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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