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Romanian Comedy Service, with Traian Basescu and Mrs Florica, over Everything is allowed premiere


serviciul roman de comedie - gina pistolThe first editions from this season for Romanian Comedy Service and Mrs Florica (Pro TV) had higher audiences than Everything is allowed, a show broadcasted by Antena 1.

If between Romanian Comedy Service the difference between Pro TV and Antena 1 was consistent, on the interval when Everything is allowed intersected with Mrs. Florica, the ratings of the 2 stations were very close.

Everything is allowed versus Romanian Comedy Service

The first hour of Everything is allowed intersected with Romanian Comedy Service, that has Traian Basescu as guest.

Pro TV’s show was watched by almost 2M Romanians, with 900,000 of them living in the urban areas. At national level, Everything is allowed was on 2nd place, 1M viewers behind Pro TV’s show. In towns, the difference was of over 300,000 people.

On the commercial segment, SRC had 435.000 viewers (7,8 rtg). In the same time, on Antena 1, there were 302.000 people (5,4 rtg).

Everything is allowed vs Mrs Florica

Pro TV was over Antena 1 also with Mrs Florica, but the differences were smaller than in SRC’s case.

At national level, Mrs Florica was watched by almost 1.2M Romanians, 300,000 more than Antena 1’s show. In towns, Antena was very close to Pro TV, with the difference in favor of Pro TV being of just 8,000 viewers.

On the commercial segment, Antena was close to Pro TV: 334.000 viewers for Mrs Florica (6 rtg), versus 305.000 for Antena 1 (5,5 rtg).

Audience tables are available here.

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