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Rosca Stanescu: Advertising on public TV to be removed, increasing TV tax is needed


Sursa foto: Mediafax
Sursa foto: Mediafax


PNL Senator Sorin Rosca Stanescu, membru in Senate’s Culture Committee, stated that increasing TV tax is needed, as advertising on public TV should be stopped out of respect for the viewers, that shouldn’t see shows interrupted by advertising, Mediafax wrote.

He also said that TVR, as a public TV, must be funded and “kept on shoulders” by the population.

“This means public TV and it serves the population. In perspective, there should be found financial means so that Public TV could resist financially without advertising, and the advertising should go to the commercial TVs”, Rosca Stanescu added.

He also mentioned such a decision is a difficult one and it cannot be taken by sacrificing pulic TV and won’t be possible until the calculations will show there are also other means that would insure TVR’ survival.

On October 17th, during a debate related to the modification of Audiovisual Law, Rosca Stanescu said that Senate’s Culture Committee will come out with a draft of legislative proposal to forbid public TV to broadcast advertising. He also said that, by the end of the year, the law for public TV’ organization and functioning will be modified so TVR “couldn’t get advertising, on BBC’s model”.

Narcisa Iorga and Cristina Trepcea, members of CNA, were both in favor of eliminating advertising from national TV.

Iorga wants the modification of state TV’s law in order to eliminate advertising but also wants the elimination of must-carry principle when it comes of commercial TVs and that principle to apply only for state TV.

At her turn, Trepcea supports a state TV without advertising, saying that it competes with commercial TVs for advertising and there are a lot of consequences because of that.

When it comes of moment Rosca Stanescu’s project will reach to Parliament, the senator offered a few clarifications for the journalists.

He said that, during debates, the amount of materials gathered and written reached to be “around 10 times more than the law itself will probably be”. He said it follows a stage of writing the thesis of the new law and them being analyzed by all parties that came up with ideas and, afterwards, the law is to be drafted. All in all, making the draft to present to the Parliament is estimated to take around a month and a half.

No advertising, but with a higher tax

Claudiu Saftoiu, TVR’s president directeur general, stated that, if a political decision will be made to stop TVR to get advertising revenues, an indexation of the TV tax will be needed, so the public TV won’t go down, Mediafax wrote.

“After the reorganization and economic rehabilitation plan, after a 7 years re-echaloning for the debts dued to Romanian state and after refinancing, in this moment, the financial status of public TV is one of stability and predictability. In this moment, there isn’t the danger of breaking down or to come close to (….) insolvency”, Saftoiu said.

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