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Suleyman, the unforgiven, dominated Masterchef and Steaua’s game, outranking Pro TV and TVR 1


Suleyman_Magnificul_libertateaAfter it dominated on Monday the Top Chef from Antena 1, Suleyman managed to do the same with Master Chef. Also, on the interval it intersected with the football game Steaua – Basel, Kanal D was leader in audiences.


Suleyman versus MasterChef and Steaua-Basel

Between 21.45-21.12, Suleyman, MasterChef and Steaua – Basel were fighting directly for audiences. Suleyman had a couple hundred thousands more viewers at national level compared with Pro TV and TVR, with almost 2M viewers per minute. MasterChef and Steaua were almost equal in audience, with around 1,4M viewers and an advance of 2.000 people for Pro TV .

In towns, Other category dominated , followed by Suleyman Magnificul and Pro TV, while the football game was way behind MasterChef.

On the commercial segment, Pro TV had the 18-49 y.o. viewers, followed by Kanal D and Steaua’s game.

More details on audience are available here.

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