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Traian Basescu: Ponta is posed to have mass-media under control. The target of the ordinance could be TVR


Sursa foto: Mediafax Foto, Octav Ganea
Sursa foto: Mediafax Foto, Octav Ganea


Romanian president Traian Basescu said, in a statement made at Cotroceni Palace, that “differently from Adrian Nastase, that was paying mass-media, Ponta is as decided to control the audiovisual, but does that in a more cinical and brutal way”. Romanian president accused the PM of trying to put mass-media under control.

Basescu also said that public TV might be affected by OUG related to insolvency.

“TVR is in an extremely difficult financial situation, I understand it ordered programs and investments in extremely costly machines and I’m afraid that tomorrow or the day after the insolvency comes, can’t pay, and someone with money might appear. And as there are a Voiculescu or a Ghita that, from contracts with the state, seem to have sufficient money, we’ll have the surprise to see them coming as saviours. I don’t say it’s going to be like that, but this is a scenario we can imagine.”

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