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Adopted - CNA’s Ethical Code


CNACNA adopted today its controversial Ethical Code, with 7 votes in favor and 1 against. The vote given today by the majority of CNA’s members comes after long discussions on more versions of code, many heated meetings during which CNA members accused each other and after the code was rejected once, at the final vote, last week.


Among the 8 members present at CNA’s meeting today, only Narcisa Iorga was against adopting the code.

The ones that voted for the code were: Lorand Turos, Monica Gubernat, Viorel Vasile Buda, Cristina Trepcea, Rasvan Popescu, Radu Calin Cristea and Christian Mititelu.

The content of the adopted Ethic Code:

  • “In exercising their work attributions, CNA members can e present in shows related to reflecting Council’s activity only with its mandate” (Art. 1) – Integrity criteria .
  • “CNA members shall action, in fulfilling their work attributions, independently and equidistant towards the politic factor, no matter their personal convictions, and won’t be involved in any political activity” (Art. 2) – Political neutrality criteria.
  • “In exercising work attributions, CNA members will apply the decisions without any preferential treatment induced by economic power or the reputation of media or other public institutions”. (Art. 3) – Impartiality Criteria .
  • “CNA members will reject, in their current activity, any form of pressure or advantages coming from broadcasters or third parties with interest in CNA’s activity object” (Art. 4) – Autonomy criteria.
  • “CNA memers will adopt reglementations and decisions only after consulting with the interested parties, in order to respect the decisional transparency criteria. During public meetings, CNA members will act in accordance with Law 504 and Law Legea 52-2003 on decisional transparency in public administration and will express only opinions related to the discussion subjects ” (Art. 5) – Public consultation criteria.
  • “During public meetings, the members of the Council are acting according to the law, express opinions related to discussion subjects, without engaging in disputes with personal character” (Art. 6) – Collegiality criteria .
  • “CNA members shall aim that, with the decision they make, to insure a non-discriminatory treatment among broadcasters” (Art. 7) – Non-discrimination Criteria.
  • “In reflecting the cases that are analyzed or judged, CNA members shall act promptly when broadcasters disrespect the presumption of non-guilty and any person’s right to a fair trial” (Art. 8). – Not Guilty presumption criteria

CNA’s Ethical Code generated a lot of discussions and debates last week, and, after a series of talks related to more versions of code, everything ended unconclusively. Still, the debates were filled with accusations and critics made to one another by CNA’s members.

Last weel, the Ethical Code was rejected at the final vote, although every of the eight articles in the document proposed by Laura Georgescu were approved by majority’s vote.

The one that generated the unexpected rejection result was Viorel Vasile Buda, VP CNA, that unbalanced the final vote for the entire project - although he voted for each of the 8 points of the code, in the end Buda didn’t give his vote for the full document.

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