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Adrian Sarbu wants the broadcasting rights for Romanian football league. Dragomir: „Adrian Sarbu spoke with me and Gino. He has a project”


Foto: Capital
Foto: Capital


Adrian Sarbu wants the broadcasting rights for football. Mitica Dragomir, that is now former chief of Romanian Professional Football Leagye, said the founder of Pro group has a project

Dumitru Dragomir, in a press conference: “Adrian Sarbu spoke with me and with Gino. He has a project. He can win also. (…) If he gives more than Euro 36M a year and 25% of advertising, plus League Cup for another million, he can win the rights”.

Dragomir said there will be no auction for the TV rights and he will help Gino Iorgulescu, the new LPF chief, with those rights.

„Gino will charge for this project Euro 34M (per year– n.r.). And not from the one that formulated the proposal, namely Sarbu, as Sarbu did the proposal, but from some other part, from a company with a lot of many that offer guarantees”, Dragomir added.

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