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Romanian Competition Council, worried by Burda – Sanoma transaction: „It can put obstacles for competition”


burdaThe transaction that sees Burda buying Sanoma “will raise significant obstacles in the way of effective competition”, says Romanian Competition Council, in an official position document.


Romanian Competition Council “identified the main problems in terms of competition on the market” :

“High market quotas to results after the mentioned concentration” on markets such as: mass market magazines, advertising via mass market magazines, interior deco magazines, parenting magazines and advertising via parenting magazines“.

Burda promises to sell some of the titles. Burda’s promises, subjected to public debate
Burda promised to sell some of the titles if the transaction with Sanoma gets finalized, Competition Council mentions, in its document. Why? “In order to remove any worries of concurential order identified in the analysis of the action meant to take over Sanoma Hearst Romania SRL”.

If the transaction is greenlighted by Romanian Competition Council, the sell will include both titles that are now in Burda’s portfolio, but also magazines now published by Sanoma. The potential buyers will be communicated to Competition Council. According to Burda, the teams from the magazines to be sold will not be transferred following the transactions .

The titles that are up for selling are:

  • Reţete: Bucătăria de azi (Sanoma)
  • Ioana Visul Copiilor (Burda)
  • Ioana Vine Barza (Burda)
  • Casa de vacanţă (deco magazine, Burda)

Burda-Sanoma transaction was announced in August, with Burda announcing the full take over of Sanoma Hearst Romania. Burda International GmbH acquired all Sanoma’s activities in Romania: over 35 titles and more than 40 online media services.
After transaction, Burda’s portfolio includes many titles, among which Marie Claire, Esquire, Men’s Health, Auto Motor şi Sport and National Geographic, Practic in bucatarie, Casa Lux, Ioana, Gradina mea de vis, Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan .

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