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Romania’s Voice and X-Factor are heating the social networks. Facebook explodes when the shows are on


facebook internetRomania’s Voice and X-Factor, the musical talent shows on Pro TV and Antena 1, are heating social networks, with Facebook activity increasing exponential during the 2 days the shows are broadcasted.


According to a Facebrands study covering November 1-18, the activity on Facebook increases exponential during the days the 2 shows are broadcasted. Romania’s Voice has more active fans than X-Factor: 6.300 fans involved on Facebook on November 16th compared to X-Factor’s peak - 2.600 fans invoved during a single day.

X-Factor’s page has more posts than Romania’s Voice. In 3 weeks, the admins of X-Factor account posted around 500 materials (links, photos, movies or text statuses), while, in the same time, on Romania’s voice, the number of posted materials was of around 200.
Although it has less posts, Romania’s Voice page has more active fans; on the other hand, X-Factor has more posts, but less involvement from fans.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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