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Suleyman and his Turks are conquering the series. Top 3 series include 2 Turkish ones.


Suleyman_Magnificul_libertateaTurkish series are topping Romanian audiences, positioning Kanal D as leader when it comes of series audiences. National TV has its own recipe with series, betting on the Indian productions. Lost angels, an in-house production on Acasa TV, is far behind the success of Gypsy Heart and Regina series


In October, number one in top is no surprise, Suleyman Magnificul from Kanal D. Last month, it was watched on average by 1,2M people living in urban areas. In the same top, Kanal D is also on the 3rd place, with Iffet, watched by 600.000 people.

Between Kanal D and Kanal D is Pro TV with Las Fierbinti, watched by almost 1M people per episode.

National TV had 2 series that attracted over 300,000 viewers, Paired Souls and Little Bride.
More details related to series’ audiences in October are available here.

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