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All is allowed returns on Antena 1 with a new host and broadcasted in a different day


Copyright Gabriela Arsenie
Copyright Gabriela Arsenie


All is allowed show returns on Antena 1 starting January, but with a new host, a new broadcasting day and new rules. Moreover, if until now the show has actors as guests, from now on the competition runs between show-biz stars such as Andreea Balan, Daniela Crudu, Pepe and Jean de la Craiova.

The comedy show took a break in October 2013, after it was replaced, on Wednesdays, by Do I know you from somewhere.

The former host, Alexandru Ion, is replaced by Cosmin Selesi in the new formula of the show, that will be broadcasted on Sunday, January 5th, starting 20.30.

Another novelty for the season is related to the rules of the game. Previously only the captains of the 2 playing teams were kept from one edition to another, with members of the teams changing no matter the final result. Starting January 2014, the team that wins most of the trials remains in game.

All is allowed is a show that is based on themes from acting, such as mime or improvisation, the most important trial being the 22,5 degrees enclined plan, on which surface the contestants will improvise on a given theme, following show host’s indications.
For the show, the 8 contestants are divided in 2 teams, each leaded by a captain. The ones to compete on January 5th are: Ozana Barabancea, Andreea Balan, Pepe, Lucian Ghimisi (captain), and Alina Puscas, Daniela Crudu, Jean de la Craiova and Catalin Bordea (captain).

Antena 1 broadcasted in 2013’s autumn only 3 editions of the show and than replaced it with Do I know you from somewhere. The show wasn’t a success in audiences, with the 3 broadcasted editions ranking 2nd or 3rd in audiences. Most watched edition was the 1st one, with 941.000 viewers at national level.

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