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George Stanca, sentenced for plagiarizing a translation published by Adevarul Holding


George Stanca - sursa foto: Adevarul
George Stanca - sursa foto: Adevarul


Bucharest’s Appeal Court ordered the sentencing of Romanian publicist Gheorghe Stanca to one year of prison with adjourn for plagiarizing. In 2010, Stanca was sued by prosecutors because he appropriated the translation of Lev Tolstoi’s “Journal”, published by Adevarul Holding under the name “Memories”, as Gandul writes.

Judges considered that Stanca modified the start of the volume and each chapter start in order to hide its plagiarizing activity. The instance also ordered the seizing of over 1,000 volumes and obliged Stanca to pay damages of Euro 100,000.

The sentence can be attacked at Supreme Court. According to experts consulted by, this is the only plagiarize case in which a definitive prison sentence was ordered.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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