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Pro TV broadcasted a Romanian movie packed with swears mid-day. The station: “We apologize”


ursul librafilmThe parents that were watching Pro TV together with their kids between 17.00-19.00 had to look fast the remote to change the program, as the station was running “The Bear”, a Romanian movie directed by Dan Chisu that abonded in swears.


As the tradition of post-communist movies is, The Bear is packed with heavy swears, that aren’t censored at all. Pro TV broadcasted the movie in the uncensored version, in a hourly interval where that kind of formulations aren’t allowed by law, in order to protect minors.
Contacted by, Pro TV’s officials stated it was all a mistake.

Maria Apostol, PR & Corporate Affairs Director Pro TV SA, for
“From an error we apologize for, we broadcasted the uncensored version of the movie”.

Translation provided by AdHugger

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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