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The looks of ZF’s ProSport supplement. Orlando Nicoara: costs drop by more than 50%


Pro Sport supliment ZFProSport appears tomorrow in a new formula, as weekly supplement of Ziarul Financiar, after its daily print edition was closed. “The costs drop by more than 50%”, stated, for, Orlando Nicoara, general manager Mediafax Group.

As a weekly supplement, ProSport appears in 8 pages, distributed together with the entire ZF’s print run (12.000-13.000 copies). ZF price doesn’t change, it remains RON 3.5.

What’s the business model for ProSport in the new formula?

Orlando Nicoara, in a mini-interview for

“There are 3 sources of income: online advertising, advertising in weekly printed edition and income from events”.

With the daily edition closed, does the incomes suffice for financing?

“Next year, on the actual structure of costs, we will have a much better situation than this year”


“I can’t say it insures a profit, but we will have better results than this year”

How much did the costs drop after closing the daily?

“Costs are dropping by over 50%.”

The decrease is also when it comes of income.

“Obviously. The income from circulation and advertising in daily print are vanishing. We are talking about a significant percentage. But, as long as next year looks better, it means income drops less than the costs are diminishing.”

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