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Top TV on Christmas: Pro TV News is leading. MasterChef, NextStar and Voice of Romania – among most watched programs


Programe TV de CraciunBefore and during Christmas days (December 24th, 25th and 26th), Romanians watched Pro TV News, Antena 1’s Observer and the special editions of different programs. The audience of the main news program from Pro TV didn’t had less than 2M viewers at national level, Once in a life time from TVR 1 made it into the audience top, while Dan Negru overpassed Voice of Romania.


December 24th

  • Pro TV News had the biggest audience of the day, with 2.1M viewers on national level, with 967,000 of them living in urban areas. The second most watched program of the day was MasterChef - Celebrities’ test, that overpassed Antena 1 and Sleeping beauty.
  • MasterChef, that designated Elena Lasconi as its winner, had 1.9M viewers all over the country.
  • Also on Tuesday, Pro TV broadcasted Home Alone 4 (starting 17.15), that attracted a little over 1M viewers, with 632,000 of them living in urban areas.

December 25th

  • Pro TV News was watched, on Christmas Day, by almost 2.5M people all over the country, with 1.09M living in towns.Second place was claimed by a special edition of Acces direct (1.9M viewers). During the evening, the battle for audience was between Pro TV and the Romanian movie “Ho ho ho: a family lottery” and the special edition of Do I Know you from somewhere (Antena 1).
  • The Romanian movie was most watched among the national audience, while Antena 1’s show was leader on urban audiences.
  • Once in a life time – TVR 1 program hosted by Iuliana Tudor – entered the audience top, with its second and third parts scoring audiences of over 1M viewers all over the country.

December 26th

Next Star and Voice of Romania were the strongest programs during the 2nd Christmas Day. Dan Negru’s show posted higher audiences than Pro TV’s musical show. The special edition of NextStar was watched by 1.82M people all over the country, from which 1.05M living in urban areas.

Voice of Romania’s final kept in front of the TV 1.8M people at national level and a little over 1M in urban areas.

More detailed audience data is available here.

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