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Analysis: News TVs – most dynamic segment on Romanian TV market during the last 5 years


televizorNews TVs are the most dynamic segment of Romanian TV market during the last five years and made an analysis on the evolution of their audience.


Today, the news of the day are available simultaneously on at least 5 TVs, the only difference is the approach.

In just 5 years, the former leader of the segment – Realitatea TV – lost half of its audience and landed the last place in a news TVs’ auadience ranking, on a niche that counts now news TVs. The data used for the analysis was provided by Romanian media agency BPN, part of Lowe Group Romania.

News programs’ consumption habits changed during the last 5 years. In 2009, Realitatea TV was segment’s leader, in a competition where the fight was just with Antena 3 and it was a clear winner. For a Breaking News, TV sets were switched on Realitatea.

Romania TV didn’t exist yet and B1 wasn’t, back than, a news station.
In 2013, the niche changed completely: Antena 3 leads the news top, Realitatea TV is the last and, in between, are Romania TV (owned by Sebastian Ghita and born after a break in half of Realitatea TV) and B1 (that Sorin Oancea took over and repositioned).

Antena 3 was the most watched news TV in 2013, at least in prime time (19.00-23.00). Intact’s channel was watched, on average, by 394,000 people, down 100.000 compared to 2012. Even so, the next in top, Romania TV, has half of Antena 3’s audience.

Romania TV, Sebastian Ghita’s TV, started in a modest manner in 2011. During its first broadcasting months, initially also with problems in terms of coverage, Romania TV was almost invisible: just 4,000 Romanians were watching it every minute. In 2012, it reached to 150.000 viewers, while the average viewership in 2013 was of 206.000 Romanians per minute, half of them living in urban areas.

In the end of 2010, Sorin Oancea, former Antena 3, entered B1 TV shareholdership, joining Bobby Păunescu. In 2011, B1 had the weakest period in its last 5 years, with 86.000 viewers during prime time. B1 TV was relaunched as news TV in 2012, with its prime-time audience doubling in 2012. In 2013, the channel had around 145,000 viewers per minute, 20,000 less then previous year, with 100,000 living in urban areas.

Realitatea TV was dominating the market in 2009, when it was owned by Sorin Ovidiu Vantu. At that time, the TV was watched by 330.000 Romanians every evening, 100,000 more than Antena 3, its competitor back than. Last year, Realitatea TV had less than half of its audience in 2009. In urban areas, Realitatea TV’s audience loss is dramatical: from 217.000 in 2009 to 106.000 in 2012 and 72.000 last year
More detailed info on news TVs’ audiences is available here

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