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Antena 3 - open letter to Barack Obama to complain about Romanian president


mihai-gadea-2Antena 3’s Mihai Gadea and Adrian Ursu sent an open letter to the American president and to US Stat Secretary John Carry to express their dissatisfaction related to Romanian president Traian Basescu. Their letter was also published on website and gathered, until now, 45,000 signatures, as HotNews writes.


The text of the letter says:

“Romania entered, during the last 9 years, on a dangerous path, deviating from the authentic democratic direction towards it was aiming for”.

Traian Basescu “built a personal regime, with dangerous despotic manifestations”

“This regime, dangerously consolidated during the last few years, is based on complete bondage of force institutions and usage of secret services, but also of institutions for public order and fiscal structures for harressing or even eliminating the adversaries from public life or to protect in an abusive manner a personal political and financial clientele. Even more serious is exercising a choking pressure and abusive direct control over Justice”

“The regime conceived and started by Traian Basescu protected, all this time, the big corruption atop of political power, sending to justice, many times without enough evidence to support the conviction, both politican adversaries and innocent and not politically involved people, incapable to protect themselves in front of a judicial system built on abuse or incompetence”.

Translation provided by AdHugger

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