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Architecture and design TV in Bucharest – IDA TV


televizorCNA approved the licence for the thematic channel IDA TV, that will approach subjects related to architecture and design. The TV has licence to broadcast in Bucharest and Voluntari (Ilfov County).


The new TV will be operated by Profesional Marketing Group SRL and the investment for the launch of the TV is ofn euro 55,000.

IDA TV project was presented to CNA by Viorel Fetica, main shareholder of the new TV and film director Adrian Horobet, the artistic director of the station. The two didn’t give a set date when IDA TV will be launched.

IDA TV is the 2nd TV station that receives broadcasting licence for Bucharest in just one week, after VP TV, a regional TV to be launched until June and that will have its headquarters in Ploiesti.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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