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AXN HD, available in Romania, with Orange TV – 1st platform to host it


AXN HDAXN Europe Limited did the necessary diligences so AXN HD could be distributed by cable operators in Romania.


The thematic HD movie TV notified CNA that it is available on Romania’s territory starting December 19th 2013.

As it is a TV licenced in EU, notifying CNA was just a formality. When it comes of TVs with licence in other countries, CNA just acknowledge the retransmission notifications.

AXN HD will enter in the DTH network Orange TV, together with AXN Black, AXN White, AXN Spin and Travel Channel.

AXN HD and AXN Spin are offered as part of World HD subscription, that includes 67 Romanian and international channels, from which 20 in HD format. The subscription fee starts from Euro 8/month. AXN Black, AXN White and Travel Channel HD are available as part of Universe HD subscription package, that includes 98 Romanian and international TVs, from which 39 in HD format. The monthly fee for this subscription starts from Euro 12 / month.

AXN HD is broadcasting on a licence given by OFCOM, UK’s TV market regulatory authority.

AXN Europe Limited is part of Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks. In Romania, AXN’s retransmitted TVs are AXN, AXN White, AXN Black and AXN Spin.
According to the documentation submitted to CNA, AXN HD is broadcasting action and adventure entertainment programs, that include action and drama series, alternative sports, reality and adventure series, action movies and animation content.

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