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Change of rules: Only TVR employees can be members in state TV’s board. Internal elections scheduled


tvrRomanian public TV’s board approved the modification of the rules to elect employees representatives in the Management Board. According to the new rules, from now on, only employees of the state TV can submit their candidature for the board and not outsiders, as it was the case previously.


TVR’s board unanimously voted the new rules, as someone that isn’t a TVR employee cannot represent the staff in the management board.

According to the law that regulates the functioning of public radio and TV, TVR’s employees have the right to have 2 representatives within the Management Board and those two are appointed following internal elections.

The Management Board dissolved by Romanian Parliament in the end of last year, the representatives were represented by Sorin Burtea and Valentin Nicolau. Nicolau is not an employee of TVR and leaded the state TV from 2002 to 2005.

The decision made by TVR’s board was criticized by 4 media and juridic organizations, including ActiveWatch and Romanian Center for Independent Journalism.

“We consider this decision (to block the election of someone outside the institution as employees’ representative – n.r.) is discriminatory, illegal and affects the credibility of public TV, limiting the public control over the institution”, a document sent by the organizations states.

“The experience showed that employees’ representatives elected from outside the institution were those that, in most cases, functioned independent of political interests and protected TVR’s interests”, the document adds.

Internal elections at TVR. What are the rules?

TVR announced it will organize internal elections to appoint employees’ representatives in the Management Board. The elections are scheduled for January 17th, with the results to be communicated on January 19th.

Any employee of SRTv can participate as candidate to the election after submitting a written request at Bucharest Elections Bureau or Territorial Election Bureaus, together with a motivation letter, a detailed Curriculum Vitae, a declaration that he/she wasn’t member of political police or communist political police and that he/she doesn’t have criminal background. The declaration on criminal background must be supported with written certification that must be submitted until the moment of results’ final validation.

The elections are organized and overseen by Central Electoral Bureau, Electoral Bureaus from the 5 territorial studios of TVR and Technical Committees. The committees’ componence was approved by TVR’s management board in a meeting on January 8th.
The vote is free, equal, discreet and secret. Local correspondents will vote at the closest territorial studio or in Bucharest.

SRTv’s filming crews that are on the field on elections day can go to the closest territorial studio or in Bucharest and vote after presenting their delegation order and ID.
The vote is uninominal, with top 2 candidates to receive a stamp in the square where their name is written.

After the votes are counted, the first 4 candidates with most votes will be proposed by SRTv to Romanian Parliament, with first 2 proposed for full members in Management Board and the other 2 – for suppleants.

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