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Delayed live broadcasting – CNA proposal passed, public debate follows




CNA members approved the final form of the article on introducing a delay in live programs, a measure that aims to clean the live shows of uncontrolled reactions of their guests. The proposal will be submitted to public debate last week, after the Council will vote couple more articles.

In the initial form, the article aimed to make mandatory for TVs to introduce a delay of 90-120 seconds, but most CNA members didn’t agree to this proposal.

In the final form, the article (art 29) states: For live programs, other than news and sports transmissions, broadcasters are must use any means, including delay, in order to prevent broadcasting of scenes, expressions or conduit that are against the dispositions of the present code on minors’ protection and human dignity.

10 members agreed with the article (Florin Gabrea, Narcisa Iorga, Valentin Jucan, Lorand Turoş, Monica Gubernat, Laura Georgescu, Christian Mititelu, Cristina Trepcea, Răsvan Popescu, Radu Călin Cristea), while one was against (Viorel Vasile Buda).
In present, the only TV that uses a delay program is Pro TV, for La Maruta show. The delay is of 7-9 seconds.

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