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Media attacks, present again in MCV report


Sursa foto: Mediafax
Sursa foto: Mediafax


The report of Verification and Cooperation Mechanism for Romania (MCV), published today, doesn’t miss the media zone this time either, and it is the 2nd time when actions related to media pressure make their way in European Commission’s conclusions.

The report mentions that, in 2012’s autumn, the Commission received a number of information on the existence “of media attacks politically motivated against judges, prosecutors and members of their families, but also against juridical institutions” and adds that, in 2013, the things calmed down. “The number and power of those attacks seems to have decreased compared to 2012, but some of these situations are continuing. There were cases when juridical institutions and magistrates were criticized following justice decisions made in relation with important political personalities”, the report mentions.

What does MCV report also says:

“The minister of Justice had an useful initiative to create a dialogue between mass-media and magistrates. A better understanding between the 2 parties and a more professional approach on media’s side when it comes of juridical institutions could help improving the relations”

When it comes of last year, Constitutional Court showed that the attacks against the institution and its members were less “loud” compared to 2012’s summer but continued to be a problem.

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