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Mediafax, Adrian Sarbu’s company, has plans in video area. Misu Predescu, former chief MediaPro Pictures Czech Republic – in discussions on the project


Foto: IMDb
Foto: IMDb


Mediafax Group, company owned by Adrian Sarbu, has plans too expand its video department. According to information obtained by, Misu Predescu, former general manager Media Pro Pictures Czech Republic until 2 years ago, former chief Pro TV News until 2000, a professional with impressive CV in the production area, is said to handle the development of the mentioned department.
In the same time, Mediafax Group would develop and acquire new video production studios.

Contacted by, Orlanda Nicoara, General Manager Mediafax Group, didn’t make any comment on this matter: “We don’t comment in any way our development projects”.

Misu Predescu was a part of Pro TV’s team from the very start, he was general producer and editor in chief Pro TV News, where he formed a team with Sergiu Toader.
Until the moment this article was published, Misu Predescu couldn’t be contacted.
Highlights from Predescu’s CV:

  • Born in 1963, graduated Politechnical University and is, as formation, transports engineer
  • In 1990, he becomes reporter and than special correspondent for TVR, news department.

In 1995, he joins Pro TV as general producer for news. He handles special events: live shows on December 1st organized between 1996-2004, “An American in Bucharest” (Bill Clinton’s visit in 1997), “An American in Bucharest 2″ (George Bush Jr’s visit in 2004), PRO NATO 1997, Eclipse 1999, New Year’s 2000, 1998 Miners protests, Floods between 1996-1998.

Until 2001, he is editor in chief of Pro TV’s news, teaming up with Sergiu Toader.
Between 2001-2005, Predescu was general producer at Mediapro International, a position from which he covers events like: local elections 1996 and 2000, “Who do I vote for” 1996, “I want to be president” 1996 and 2000, “Millenium’s Night” – live show New Year’s 2000, “Part of book” 1999 – 2004, “Temptations’ summer” – reality show 2001, “10 years of ProTV” 2005. He produced ”Radu’s Kitchen”, with Radu Anton Roman, starting 1997 until 2005.

In 2006, he leaves for Czech Republic where he manages, until 2012, the local Media Pro Pictures. He produces more movies and is, in the same time, the chief of Mediafax Czech Republic, news agency built on the model of the Bucharest’s one, launched in the start of 2008. Just 2 years after founding, in the start of 2010, Sarbu sold Czech news agency to CME.

Movies career:

In 2002, he is locations managers for Boudica (engl: Warrior Queen), produced by Box film UK & BBC and directed by Bill Anderson. Than he is unit production manager/productions manager for Sex Traffic, a movie that was awarded 8 Bafta awards, The Square Circle and Madhouse.

In 2004, he has the same job for productions such as An American Haunting, Space Race (BBC Science), Armistice/Days That Shock The World, Scariest Places on Earth.
He is a member of European Film Academy

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