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Mohammad Murad, The Money Channel financer, wants licence for a business TV. CNA – indecided


TV lifeMohammad Murad, businessman, financer The Money Channel and one of the biggest hotels owner iin Romania, wants to launch his own business TV, TV Life, a business and business lifestyle thematic channel.


CNA decided to postpone the vote on the licence, in order to demand a point of view from Realitatea Media. The postponement proposal came from Narcisa Iorga and got 7 votes from the 8 members presents at today’s CNA meeting.

The representatives of the new TV project said that, in case they would get the licence, they are ready to launch the channel soon, in around one month and a half.

“From the technical point of view, we are ready to launch the station in a week or two, but, from editorial point of view, we can do it in six week”, Dan Musetoiu, project manager and former programs director at The Money Channel.

The initial value of the investment is Euro 2M and was made since 2008. The money were invested in equipments and trainings for employees.

The channel will have 80 permanent employees and more collaborators, depending on needs.

According to the project presented to CNA, TV Life will have 50% informational programs, will not broadcast movies, advertising is estimated at 20%, from which 5% - teleshopping.
TV Life representatives that came to CNA were Ovidiu Nahoi (TV producer), Dan Musetoiu (project manager) and Horia Alexandrescu (TV producer), Vladimir Bogdanescu (tech director), Constantin Rudnitchi (producer) and Mihaela Basarab (legal representatives

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