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The Americans sound the retreat from Pro TV’s tower. The building – owned by Sarbu


protvPro TV tower is owned by Adrian Sarbu, with the Americans from CME owning the spaces behind the building and the ones next to it.


Pro TV’s tower, that was channel’s headquarters since its launch, is subject to discussions between CME Americans (owners of Pro TV) and Adrian Sarbu, former CEO at CME and, in the same time, owner of the building.

CME wants to move away some of the offices they have within the tower.

According to’s information, the Americans announced their intention to partially give up the spaces within Pro TV tower, which is property of a company owned by Sarbu. Adrian Sarbu owns both the building and the parking lot next to it.

Still, CME owns some buildings built behind the tower, where the news studio is and where other offices of the companies are located.

For CME, the tower isn’t important just from real estate building, but also because, on top of it, there are installed telecom equipments of vital importance for TVs broadcasting.
According to some, the possibility exists for the Americans to completely (not just partially) move from Adrian Sarbu’s tower.

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Autor: Carmen Maria Andronache

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